Tuesday, 13 December 2016

every year i write down my Christmas wishlist! things i would dream to have and write them down in hope for someone out my family to get them! 
i have to admit Christmas is by far my favorite time of the year, i love the feel of town covered in Christmas lights and just the feel of your house being all festive but the best thing is CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!!
so today i though of telling you guys what i would love for Christmas :) 
gift 1. 
okay so i have wanted this foundation for ages!! i watch so many videos on YouTube about this and it just looks amazing!
gift 2.
im in love with boyfriend coats! i love getting all cosey and snug in the winter, and this coat is just right for that!
gift 3.
i just love love love giant teddys!!id love to just wake up on Christmas to one of thees!

gift 4.

every girl can say they have days where there makeup just dont go right! well ive seen that thees mirrors can help so much! the lighting is so much better and also it would be great for taking selfies!

gift 5.
going back to taking great selfies i would live for this phone case! every one of my friends have thees phone cases and whenever we take a photo its on point!
gift 6.

okay ellie dream on!! but i would honestly die for one of thees dogs!they are the cutest things ever,and if i even had one slightest chance of getting one i would be the happyies girl alive :)

well thats the things i really want for christmas, i hope you all like knowing what i would love becuase in all honesty i love been nosey and knowing what people would like!


Hi, I'm ellie

Hi, I'm ellie
I'm an over obsessed beauty junkie with a little space on the internet.